website face shot Jacalyn M. Mains {Owner- Forza & JMM Photography}

Manifesto 2015

In case you want to know some little ditties about me:

  • From the very beginning of starting my business in 2007, I knew I wanted to keep things personal.   Therefore, if you call or email me, I’m the only one who answers.
  • First, my name is Jacalyn Michelle Mains (hence the JMM in JMM Photography ;) ) and I was named after the Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith (my maiden name is Smith).  On my birth certificate my Mom thought Jaclyn Smith spelled her name J-A-C-A-L-Y-N, so that’s how I got my unique spelling!
  • God gave me the gift of seeing things a bit differently when looking through the lens of a camera.  I am passionate about using this gift to remind women how beautifully God created them.
  • I almost always have a smile on my face and enjoy socialization to the fullest (which is why my job is so perfect for me….I get to talk, laugh, and have fun all day!).
  • I see life through “rose colored glasses” and enjoy living that way as it is easier to see that glass half full.
  • I always expect the best out of humanity.
  • I LOVE to sing and dance.
  • I heart makeup and all things colorful.
  • I am married to an ever so supportive husband, Aaron, and we have two super cool children together.
  • I love positive people and choose only to surround myself with those that are.
  • I am not afraid to speak my mind, but am nice enough to wait until asked to do so.
  • As a 30th birthday present to myself (it was something I had been meaning to do for 10+ years) I got a full back tattoo of a Japanese cherry blossom tree to cover an ugly, non meaningful impulsive tattoo I got at the age of 18.
  • I am Italian: so it probably goes without saying that I love wine and to eat.  Oh, and I talk with my hands.
  • I love to cook my family’s Italian recipes (and it took me 5 years to master my Grandpa Fonte’s marinara sauce).

Some Publications and Accolades:

Southern Bride Summer:Fall 2014

Southern Bride Magazine Summer/Fall 2014 Look Book Feature (Laura & Tyler)