Hi!  I’m Jacalyn Mains- the owner of JMM Photography.  From the very beginning of starting my business in 2007, I knew I wanted to keep things personal…and small, more intimate if you will.   Therefore, I’m the only one you’ll talk to if you call or e-mail.

So, first- thank you for taking the time to look at my work and welcome!

For me, weddings are filled with beauty and splendor that emerges naturally. I consider it my job to capture that magic in its most raw form- unobtrusively, truthfully, blissfully.  My approach to wedding photography is mixture of a classic feel with a modern twist. I keep the number of posed photographs to a minimum and try, instead, to emphasize the laughter, tears, and joy that you and your family will be feeling. I appreciate and cherish each couple’s uniqueness and personalities. I strive to capture images that reflect that individuality.  Therefore, I let the couple, the environment I am presented with, and my artistic freedom dictate the “shot list” for the day.

~ Wedding Packages begin at $3000~