2019 Wedding Photo Checklist, Must-Have Wedding Photos

basic wedding photography shot list. Please note that this list requires your permission.

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This is a list of wedding photos posted in 2015, with photos from different shows as well as my own:


All photos here:


I took the class while I had the other two students in attendance. They had all written me a very thoughtful essay about it, with lots of fun photos of the class. So, I gave a few pictures and gave the students a few photos in reply. As usual, both of them liked it and told stories about their weddings.

I also took the class on what it took to learn how to bring back old dresses, and in what ways you look for that style for wedding planning.

As always, some people ask whether there are many dresses available. I would like to point out that this does not mean there never were or never will be any dresses. I could not find anyone who had not bought or bought something from a store, which made it much more difficult to find some. Also, it could be that one day it will stop going on sale at my store, and we will move it there as it is. (I would like to know where it would have taken me to find one.) Also, no one is responsible for the dress. They have to wear it. For some reason, people make it a thing and then take it home.

And finally, there will be a blog about weddings. Also, the blog is going to be up at noon this week. I will post more information later.

Thank you all for your continued support during my time at the club. I’ll continue to post these photos as I go along.




P.S. I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m pretty excited about my wedding day here at KATEY’s New York wedding photography shop. As is my wont, I’m very happy to post photos and post links when they come out. The photo links I posted on my blog are not exclusive. In my case, I’m sharing the links to my photography.

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