Silver shampoo: how to use yellowness neutralizer

Silver and radiant yellowness neutralizers have become a classic. Thanks to them, we stop looking like spotted calves and dandelions. And we look like the “stars” of Hollywood with chic platinum styling. However, most of us are sure that this special equipment can only be used in hairdressing and beauty salons. Like, at home to get a fashionable cool shade is almost impossible. Today we’ll smash this prejudice. To tame these, in general, not obstinate helpers is quite easy. So, best silver shampoo: how to use a yellow neutralizer. Let’s tell you how beautifully and stylishly sprinkle ash on your head (this is a joke, and the rest is serious).

The silver prince: how to use shampoo from yellowness 

1. Wash my head

Instead of noble platinum, they got a dirty gray undertone, which also lay in stripes? Write the rule first. Hue shampoo – does not mean “cleansing.” Before using it, the curls should be washed. It is advisable to use a shampoo of the same brand.  

2. Foam 

Just applying is not enough. Silver shampoo must be foamed, held on the hair, and then washed off. The exposure time for each brand is different and is indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging. For example, the product shown in the photographs in this material must be kept for 2 minutes.

Also, at initial use, you may need to repeat the procedure in order to “accumulate pigment”. The manufacturer usually says this in the instructions.

2a. Bred with water

But there is another option – the product should be diluted with water before application to the hair. (Proportions depend on the expected tint effect and are selected individually). This is especially necessary to take into account the owners of thick and long hair. In its pure form, a tinted shampoo is sometimes quite problematic to evenly distribute throughout all the hairs. This “water” life hack will help achieve even toning. Then we foam and wait for the set minutes, wash off.

In addition, diluting shampoo with liquid makes sense if you do not want a too intense shade. By the way, before the first use, you should try your new product on one strand – so the result will not come as a surprise to you.

3. Making a mask 

A high-quality tinting product with powerful natural ingredients in the composition (for example, with shea butter) not only dampens yellowness but also cares for hair. However, so that care is complete, it is not forbidden – but rather welcome! – the use of caring masks and balms. Again, ideally, the same company. So the sheaf of straight or curled will delight not only with a bewitching shade but also with a beautiful healthy look.

How often to apply?

If necessary, through one or two washes. But before new dyeing or lightening, it must be used no later than 10 days before a visit to the hairdresser.

To whom? 

Masking the yolk is especially necessary for girls of a cold color type (“summer” or “winter”), as well as those who often have a red face. Warm colors further accentuate the watermelon blush. And yet there are beauties who are more suited to the golden nuance – but this is the topic of a separate article.

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