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Comments: Comments are moderated. As the United States begins the 2018-2019 National Day of Prayer, many will be asked whether or not their actions will affect any other national security strategy of the United States – or the administration of that strategy, as in the case of the Muslim-Christian Counterterrorism Program.

This is one of the most important questions that I intend to answer in this brief briefing: Is it in fact the case that U.S. national security interests justify these actions?

There is nothing in this formulation in either of the following, except that we are attempting to make all such requests. At that point, however, we don’t have any evidence to back up any such requests – and that is precisely why this briefing is not an attempt to discuss these questions.

I will begin by noting that the United States has nothing to do with America’s national security interests. It does not even exist or exist only in the “real world” where U.S. national security interests are so deeply intertwined that our public and private lives are not even connected at all, but are interwoven through the same channels – the Internet, the U.S. Postal Service, and so on.

We are not even interested in U.S. foreign policy and that matters very much because that matters to America’s national security interests.

What matters to us is not so much the U.S. foreign policy interests, or even those interests of the United States themselves, but the actual actions and intentions of the U.S. administration that constitute national security. And we are doing the best that the American government could to make sure that happens.

Let’s be clear to the American voters that the U.S. administration supports all of our goals when it comes to national security: We believe that our allies should be allowed to remain at the United States.

Small wedding photography packages – and if you’ve got your own little photography studio, there’s a wealth of great resources for you to pick from. There’s even a site out there named Tasting Photography so you can get an idea of what’s out there. The best places to meet you are in LA and Seattle. The following sites list a dozen of my top favorite places in the region:

The City Of Seattle

This Seattle hotel has great rooms, amazing lighting, super chill music, and has a large selection of great photography projects for your subject.

For more photography tips, keep in mind that if the city is your thing and you’re working at home, the city is not for you. For that alone, The City Of Seattle offers some excellent options that work in a very different environment than the ones above.

I’ve written before about the amazing value of being able to enjoy working in Seattle at work while you’re there. That’s why the best places to visit with your photography work are right here:

The Seattle Photo Gallery

Another city-based photo shoot site that’s not afraid to highlight some of the great Seattle photography in the region, The Seattle Photo Gallery works with studios of their own to make your studio looks amazing and it’s the only one in the Seattle area to offer the option to buy a studio.

The Seattle Photo Gallery is a great place to get started and for those who want to get started here it’s the best place to start. While it is a large city with lots of amazing locations so don’t hesitate to call on the street manager or the photographer if you want to start your studio in style. I’ve had great luck with this place and am going to be the first to admit that it is much more affordable than all of the other great spots out there. If you want to take pictures for an affordable price, and don’t want to wait in line to fill the place out in its entirety, then The Seattle Photo Gallery is right here to get you started.

I’d love to hear from you if you have anything you’d like to share about Seattle or you’re interested in photographing on The City Of Seattle.

Like what you see on our site? Then maybe you want a tour of around the art scene. Let us know your stories in the comments!

Photo Credits: Seattle Photography (Flickr/davidm.rochowicz) & The City of Seattle & The City of Seattle – Seattle Photo Gallery (Flickr) A man

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