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As much as the women want to be known as celebrities, they’re also aware of their own flaws. “I am a big fan of [a] lot of the different ways the people in my family approach this – the way I am kind of stereotyped, even by people I know. And the one thing I know – and I’m really looking forward to and grateful for is being able to do what I do, you know, go to a business trip and have a lot of family conversations,” said Toni. “I don’t even have any issues if someone says, ‘Don’t you want to be the next Marilyn Monroe,'” she said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah.'”

For Toni, being a celebrity is actually what makes her “likeable.” And it’s not just about being smart, it’s also about being smart about women – especially as someone who has yet to fully grasp feminism, “I am in the business,” she added – not as a single mom or single mother or single father. But as a woman who has been through many personal hardships, like being on the front lines of a massive military rape case at the age of 17, “It’s not really about being smart. It’s about being on the front lines,” she said. “People who have been through it can’t really see where it’s coming from. They don’t know how to react. I’m very thankful to be part of the fight for women’s rights. I’m lucky I found myself in this position right now.”

For Toni, there’s a growing conversation about feminism from women all over the world, and while few of the feminists she knows are going to support her cause, even the same feminists she was supposed to help get to know, like Emma Goldman, know they’d be better off in hiding.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that the last few years in her life have changed her. “I was raised on a family that was just kind of supportive, like ‘You know, there’s never been some issue where someone was kind of taken down, never been taken to court, never been punished in any way,’ ” she said. “That’s really what really changed my life at the time – where women were never portrayed as heroes, and they were treated with fear.”

As an example, she’s now living with her ex-boyfriend after finding herself in court in California. As with countless others facing similar legal battles

The New York Times’ wedding photographer David Winger joined us to do the wedding and gave a detailed description of what made this special event special and what makes it special. For all those familiar with Winger’s work know that if you’re looking for a photography gig, consider visiting his blog. You’ll find links to photos taken at the wedding to learn more about his experience!

What are some of the things your guys did during the event?

My dad told me that we had to do some photos during the event because of the wedding and other factors that were at play. And he was right. We had a busy day at the office, the guests, and the photographers. There were plenty of photographers from all over the country that worked at one of the many hotels in the downtown area.

The wedding photographer was great on our wedding night. I couldn’t stop crying. My dad always got up during the day to take pictures. We were doing some wedding work at one of our nearby restaurants with some really talented staff (that I love).

After the evening was done we were all just sitting around doing it. We were all just enjoying our good time together. Not all of us worked really hard at the wedding and our work was just a lot harder as we were so busy photographing the reception and reception reception. My mom was always at home when I was working. So when all of us were there together all we could see were a few photographers that we knew. And I saw some of them, too.

What do you think the reception should be like? Would you see the reception if the wedding were more of a celebration of the wedding to celebrate all of our past memories.

We would like to thank all of the photographers in that reception group for their support, love and support and the way they worked the day day in and out, keeping up with all of the weddings and the events. This event is definitely a special one and if we ever see something as special as going to a wedding in a wedding gown we’d love to share.

For those of you waiting on the wedding day please do the following:

Be sure to add the photos to your calendar (in the photo gallery above)

If you have questions about attending the reception or your wedding, please ask at the

We would also like to tell a story about how we were able to help them to make the most out of the event.

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